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Outdoor Solstice practice

in fox chapel

Agni Namaskar w/ Alexandra Williams

music for Krystle Fitzpatrick & Megan Flinn

Saturday, June 20


The summer solstice offers us a restoration of light and life on this, the longest day of the year, giving us power, strength and hope to move forward. Join Alexandra D'Amico Williams as she takes us through a 90 minute Agni Namaskar (fire salutation), complete with 108 prostrations to the earth. We will begin and end our practice with lots of singing, and enjoy live kirtan throughout with Megan Flinn and Krystle Fitzpatrick. A classic afternoon full of joy, movement and music...we can't wait to celebrate with you!


We'll meet in a private yard in Fox Chapel for our outdoor practice; upon enrollment, please check your email for your receipt as it will include our destination and info for arrival. 


4929 penn ave. pittsburgh pa. 15224