Leather Workshop


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workshops return!

In-studio & livestream


an afternoon workshop with 

Kayla Hersperger

Sunday, April 19, 12-2pm

Do you want to confidently integrate headstand into your yoga practice? This workshop will show you how to begin. We’ll practice the fundamentals, learn the skills necessary to build stability, and play with fun variations and transitions.


Headstand (Sirsasana) is a fun pose that is revitalizing for the whole body and stimulating for the mind. 


Workshop covers:

  • Basics and fundamentals

  • The story behind the pose

  • Drills and skills to build strength and stability

  • Fun variations and transitions

  • A vinyasa flow incorporating sirsasana


This workshop will be offered in-person and livestream. Space is limited to space students for social distancing. Please note, personal instruction will be given for in-person attendees, so be prepared to wear a mask and have moments of closer contact with the instructor. 

$30 in-studio

$15 livestream