Leather Workshop


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two part workshop weekend


a two part weekend of play

with Hallie Stotsky

Saturday, July 31, 12-2: learn

Sunday, August 1, 12-2: play

Join Hallie for this two day inversion extravaganza...

Saturday, July 31 12-2pm
Handstand Workshop

A two hour intensive workshop on a journey to handstand. We'll work through hand placement, strength building, and different points of entry. This workshop will include a lot of breakdowns (feel free to bring something to take notes!) and trials so you can play against the wall. 

**NO livestream**


Sunday, August 1st 12-2pm

Handstand Practice 

This two hour class is meant for play based off all the things we learned in the workshop. You do NOT need to take the workshop to also take the class. If you already have a handstand practice (at any level) this class will be enjoyable for you! 

**Livestream available **

One Session: $35
Both Sessions: $60


a path to fly:


an afternoon to fly

with Kayla

Sunday, August 29, 12-2pm

Do you want to confidently integrate Crow pose into your yoga practice? Do you want to advance your crow practice with fun variations and transitions? 


Kayla's workshop will meet you wherever you are. You’ll practice the fundamentals, learn the skills necessary to build strength, and play with fun variations and transitions. Experience Crow (kakasana) and learn how to fly!


This workshop will cover:


  • basics and fundamentals

  • drills and skills to build strength and stability

  • fun variations and transitions

  • a vinyasa flow building to crow

Offered in person ($35 and livestream/replay ($15).

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your central column


applied anatomy with

Dr. Lisa Papenbrock & Sadie

Saturday, September 18, 12-4pm

During this 4 hour continuing education workshop we will study the spine from the structural and diagnostic perspectives as well as discuss and practice possible interventions from the yogic perspective. 

Subjects covered include:

Active neutral alignment, scoliosis, osteoporosis and forward head carriage. 

We will move through the topics succinctly, allowing equal parts lecture and practice.  Appropriate for yoga teachers or practitioners interested in deepening their practice. 


Available in-person and virtually ($60 and $45 respectively)