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Al Andromalos, ERYT-200

Feelings of an unsettled body and mind led Al into the door of One Point One Yoga which, as cliche as it may sound, changed her life. Yoga felt like the physical movement that she knew she needed accompanied with joy, ease and mindfulness which she didn’t fully realize she was missing. She was blessed to discover that shortly after beginning teacher training in 2019 she was expecting. Deepening her practice while growing a human allowed for so much self discovery. She contributes so much of her positive pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experiences to her yoga practice and the timing in relation to her training. She became an RYT200 in Jan 2020 in the 34th week of her pregnancy. Inspired by her own journey, she is currently working on her 85-hr prenatal yoga training. In her professional life, Al is a certified Physician Assistant who spent much of her career working in orthopaedics. You will see an intentional anatomic focus throughout her classes.


IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  A slower flow that incorporates asana, both active and restorative, safe for all women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. In her vinyasa classes you can expect movements that build on one another with options for all. All levels welcome.

Maryellen Baverso, ERYT-500 

I believe in a constant path of self-discovery and through the guidance of yoga we can move closer to who we are and what we want. As an introspective extrovert and kinesthetic learner, I was naturally drawn to the practices of yoga. While living overseas in Indonesia as a Peace Corps Volunteer, sharing yoga was a tool that produced meaningful connections with the women in my village, and teachers and students at my school. I observed so many familiar insecurities and I knew from experience that the teachings of yoga build confidence and bring joy to the surface. When language and cultural barriers got in the way, yoga helped open space for real conversations. Yoga truly impacted my experience, built strong relationships, and generated profound connections in my community. Upon returning to the Pittsburgh in 2014, I completed my Level One 200-hour training and immediately started assisted a weekly class. I learned a ton through observing, listening, and assisting my teacher. I discovered my niche for reading people’s energy and offering assists through safe and effective hands-on adjustments. In the summer of 2017, I returned to a Level One training in New York to clean up my personal practiced and navigate my next journey as a teacher. By the end of the summer, I left my job to focus on teaching and immersed myself in a Level Two 300-hour training program with YogaWorks. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to devote time to my own practice on the mat and in the teacher seat. My style is greatly influenced by Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power, Pranayama and Subtle body methodologies. As a teacher I want my students to feel alive and inspired by the work they create on their mats and to skip off into their world more confident, honest, and open with who they are right now.


IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: To build heat and refine alignment with intuitive sequencing that spikes curiosity in your practice. Experience space that invites an abundance of energy, joy, and reconnection to your body and mind. Music, hands-on adjustments, freeing environment. Suitable for all levels.

Alexandra D'Amico Williams, ERYT-500 

For Alexandra, Yoga Asana, or the physical practice of movement, is an opportunity to connect the rhythm of the body, breath and the mind as one.  A rhythmic yoga asana class has become the best meditation for Alexandra and she is passionate about sharing this energy with her students.  Over the past few years her classes have grown to find the  intersection of alignment and flow.  Her teaching is primarily rooted in her 500-hr Prana Vinyasa Yoga training, with influence from other forms of movement exercise and her own personal body transformations from injury, pregnancy, and simply the journey of her own practice over time.   With over 700 hours of teacher training acquired since 2011, Alexandra loves being a part of the 1.1 Teacher Training Program to pass on what she has learned to others.  In Alexandra’s classes you will experience creative and intelligent sequencing that builds on layers, or kramas, making it accessible for the beginner to the dedicated practitioner.  You will move to music, build heat and find proper alignment as you flow.  Alexandra's goal is simple- to introduce yoga in a way that opens you up to being your best self, and helping students to explore what yoga can be beyond the physical practice.


IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Creative and intelligent sequencing, building from a foundation to add different stages of development (kramas), allowing each person to find their place in the practice. Music will play, & you'll experience energetic flows rooted in alignment. You will leave warm in your heart and your body. All levels welcome & options will be given, but a degree of previous practice is recommended for Vinyasa.  

Krystle Fitzpatrick, ERYT-200

There is more to yoga than just the physical. Krystle first sought out a yoga class 12 years ago in her first year of college, as she was drawn to the philosophies and practice of mindfulness. She quickly came to realize that the physical benefits were an added bonus and enhanced the freeing feeling that comes from movement and being in your body; the meditation in movement. She went on to complete her first immersive teacher training with Baron Baptiste and the Baptiste Yoga Institute in the summer of 2012 in upstate New York.  Most recently, she dove deeper into her studies by completing an additional 230hr immersion program with senior teachers at the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. Each time you step on your mat you have the opportunity to create something new for yourself. Whether it’s holding a pose, linking movement with breath, or simply sitting in stillness - yoga has the power to change us and our connection to ourself and others. Krystle brings that philosophy into her classes that are filled with energetic flow, breath, and intention.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Energy and encouragement. A steady flow of movement, accompanied by music, and often with thoughtful insights for life off of the mat. Suitable for all levels and great for beginners.

Megan Flinn, ERYT-500, LMT

After taking her first official yoga classes at Penn State, Megan experienced her first fully fledged yoga class in New York City when a friend dragged her there kicking and screaming. From that first "real" class where she refused to "OM", things have changed a lot. Inspired by her studios back in NYC, especially Jivamukti, Prema, and the Kula Yoga Project, as well as her 500 hour teachers Ragunath and Sondra Loring, and by her current training with Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains, Megan's classes are creative, aligned, and have the constant presence of breath and music. Classes are also informed by her inspiration as a Licensed massage Therapist, specializing in myofascial and neuromuscular work. Catch her playing the harmonium, singing, and playing with 1.1 mascot Jerome.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Creative sequences and transitions linking many poses together, always with a clear purpose and reason for every piece of class. Expect alignment and anatomical cues, allowing time to break shapes down in addition to moving with breath. Singing is often an option in these classes. All levels are welcome & modifications will be given, but a degree of previous practice is recommended for Vinyasa.

Rebecca Funk, ERYT-200

I grew up surrounded by rhythm and movement. Practicing improvisational dance and music as a girl first taught me the power of a present mind, awareness of breath, and acute attention to my body. My yoga teaching, and practice over the years have advanced and transformed the melding of these elements together. Every day still it offers me surprise, and teaches me new things.

My classes are often inspired by music, and how it harnesses flow in the body. I ask students to let go of expectation, tune in to their body, and search for the interesting in every class. All are welcome.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  Music to move to, an exciting flow and a lot of fun! Class will offer challenges to experienced yogis and softer options for those wanted to take it easy. Suitable for all levels.

Sadie Grossman, C-IAYT, MS Yoga Therapy, ERYT-500

Sadie received her 200-hour RYT certification in Hatha yoga in Bali, Indonesia in 2012. Upon completion she moved to Pittsburgh, PA where she began teaching yoga to the Carnegie Mellon University community, leading both credit based courses and working with various teams from the varsity athletics department.  Earning her Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health as well as her 500-hour E-RYT and her International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) certifications, she is the on-site meditation and mindfulness therapist for UPMC’s Wellness and Integrative Oncology Program at Hillman Cancer Center where she conducts trainings for oncology nurses and sees clients privately, with a specialty of working with those who are in active treatment.  She participates in seminars throughout the UPMC system and has spoken publicly on her work as a yoga therapist for IAYT's annual symposiums. She is a proud team member of the 1.1 community, both on and off her mat.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: A exciting & progressive sequence, starting slow & building intensity, with music throughout and hands-on assists. Suitable for all levels; let her know if you're a beginner or recovering from injury & she can give you some pointers!


Coy Halper, RYT-500

Coy's love of balance, living harmoniously with the natural world, and intuitive nature led her on a path of Yoga and mindfulness exploration. She infuses all aspects of her life approach into her classes, leading students on a journey that extends well beyond the mat. Coy completed her Vinyasa-focused 200-hour teacher training at Pure Yoga in New York City, and still returns to study under their lead instructors. She infuses many styles into class including Slow-flow, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, and Restorative Yoga. Coy has completed a number of meditation trainings and is a certified Reiki practitioner, infusing each class with aspects of these practices.


IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Moving a bit slower and letting the breath take you deeper. Building up the postures with creative sequencing and precise alignment that brings balance to the body and mind. All levels are welcome.


Kayla Hersperger, ERYT-200

Kayla first experienced yoga in 2006 during her collegiate dancer training. Trauma brought her back to the practice in 2015, and when it helped her heal, she committed her life to studying and practicing yoga. She completed her 200-hour training at One Point One Yoga in 2017 and has taught as much as possible since then: in-studio & virtual classes, workshops, in schools, at yoga festivals, and at professional conferences. Teaching yoga has been the greatest joy of her life, and she feels grateful for the opportunity to spread this practice to others. She hopes students leave her classes feeling strong, supported, and self-aware. 

Kayla remains mindful that physical asana is just the tip of the yogic iceberg as she integrates the wisdom of yoga into daily life with breath work, meditation, and spiritual considerations. Kayla is passionate about equality, veganism, and the environment. Her day job is at Slippery Rock University where she works in marketing and recruitment. You can usually find her walking her dog, Cici, around the Northside of Pittsburgh. 


IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Creative sequencing inspired by fire and music, always linked with an intention and supported by the breath. My classes are challenging and fun, providing a safe space for students to try new things and explore the boundaries of their practice. All levels are welcome and modifications will be provided, but some vinyasa experience is recommended for the best experience.


Holly Kepins, RYT-200

Holly began her relationship with yoga 10 years ago as a “add on” to her exercise routine. After years of piling too much on my plate, she discovered yoga could be more than stretching and considered it to be a safe haven for her thoughts and body. She began utilizing the practice on the mat to explore her mind and movement differently. She discovered the art of mindfulness as well as how to build resilience in her body and spirit. She completed the 200-hour teacher training at One Point One Yoga in August 2019 and has been completely jazzed to assist others in deepening their own journey with this amazing practice. When she's not practicing all of the yoga, you can catch her keeping up a regular exercise routine, working as a behavioral health therapist, or petting her cat, Princey.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  A creative flow that will leave you with a sense of balance in your mind and body. The atmosphere is meant to spark positivity and light as well as self compassion. My classes are appropriate for all levels.

Brice Lynn, RYT-200 & Studio Manager

Brice walked into his first yoga class as an excuse to get away from his desk at lunch, unsure of what to expect.  Five years later, he has found a way to relieve stress, get a great sweat, and a place where it is okay for him to wear tights.  Brice loves the growth that comes from yoga - whether it is gaining the confidence to sing kirtans loud and proud (Radhe, Govindha, Radhe is his favorite) or to trying going upside down, he appreciates that yoga pushes him to do that which he never thought he would.  Most importantly, Brice found an amazing community, one that he looks forward to welcoming you to when you visit the studio. 


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Stephen Moore, ERYT-200

The practice of yoga discovered me later in my life's journey, and I was open and happy to receive it. The physical practice took hold of me and I have stuck with it ever since. Over four years, yoga has been a transformative force, offering me new paths, and the knowledge and skills to successfully follow them.
Early in my practice, I was unaware of the Sutras and their significance, that knowledge would come to me much later. I was, however, following Sutra 1.14. It simply states, "practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness." The seed of yoga that was planted in me, has taken firm root. I continue to tend it and grow the resulting tree, which is my practice. The qualities of patience, devotion and faith are all needed to take yoga's many roads. I continue to cultivate these qualities as a student and as a teacher. I hope to offer and share our unique stories and journeys on the mat. You will also find me on the streets and trails preparing for my next half marathon or reading at the coffee shop.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  A flow built on a foundation of strength, focusing on breath, alignment and lines of energy. Allowing each of us to reach a little farther and expand our individual boundaries. We will also find time to smile, as the world is serious enough. There is room for all levels.


Kelly Paola, ERYT-200

Encouragement from the yogis in my life initially led me to my mat, but the tools I developed there to cope with the inner working of my mind are what led me to stay. Today, these tools are the foundation of my practice. My yoga is a practice of focusing inward, breathing with intention, and tuning in to cultivate a sense of peace and gratitude towards my body. My practice has helped me find release and stillness of the mind that I had no idea I could find within the 4 corners of a yoga mat. In August 2018, I completed my 200 hour certification at One Point One Yoga, where I have the honor of being a part of a community as a student alongside those I may be fortunate enough to teach.
My mission as an instructor is to help others build a yoga practice that is much deeper than the physical, encouraging students to focus inwards to find release and calm strength amidst movement.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  A balance between movement and stillness - creative, dynamic flows with mindful transitions paired with breathwork and meditation to help students focus inward and reap the non-physical benefits of their practice.

Susie Popovich, ERYT-200

Susie was introduced to Yoga through the Ashtanga Yoga system in 2000, and never looked back. Her Rocket and Vinyasa classes are both fun and challenging, with lots of inversions and playtime. She encourages her students to always try new things, and most importantly, to smile while doing it. 


She received her 200 hour certification, through It's Yoga Columbus in 2003, and recently, completed two additional Rocket Teacher Trainings through It's Yoga International.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  Plenty of playtime, with options for arm balances, inversions, and lots of challenges to your physical practice. You may be required to have fun! All levels are welcome to challenge themselves in these classes, but be ready to work hard and try something new.


Domenique Roach, ERYT-200

Domenique initially began attending Yoga classes for the workout as a college student, but after years of exploring Yoga in studios, she knew she wanted to share the gift with those around her as an instructor! While completing her 200 hour training in Vinyasa through One Point One, Domenique gained an understanding of cultivating a sustainable & purposeful Yoga practice to reconnect to one's self, by incorporating mindfulness practices of meditation and breath work along with the physical postures. The philosophy of Yoga, and the practice's ability to bring her back to center is what continues to inspire her today. Domenique loves to share the physical practice to encourage others to be grateful for their bodies and all they're capable of, while reconnecting & quieting minds through mindfulness practices.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT:  A slow start to calm & quiet the mind, working into organic, flowing movement while building strength to prepare for a peak pose. Always moving with control & intention, but allowing time to play! We'll come out of it just as we came in; coming back down to the mat to slow down and settle. Expect a tailored playlist and a long, relaxing final rest!

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Hallie Stotsky, ERYT-200

Hallie is a Pittsburgh based Power Vinyasa yoga teacher, new mom, wife, daughter, friend ... and lover of good food and craft beer. She completed her 200-hour training through South Hills Power Yoga in 2013 and allowed it to completely transform her life by diving all in to teaching. She first found yoga her senior year of college at Chatham University as a physical replacement from college sports; but during grad school while earning her MEd from Pitt is when it transformed into the full mind, body, spirit.

When not teaching in the studio Hallie works at Pitt as the Coordinator of the Stress Free Zone, teaching college students the important practice of mindfulness and meditation.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Mindful movements with strength and power incorporated into every class. Instruction will be fun and clear, with options given for everyone. Suitable for all levels.


Joyce Vinzani, ERYT-200

A dancer since the age of 5, Joyce discovered that the intentional movement and thoughtful transitions of yoga allowed her to explore her childhood passion in a new and challenging way as an adult. Having attended her first concert at the very young age of 3 months (The Monkees!), she grew up inspired by how music can awaken the mind, energize the body, and even heal the soul. Through unique, progressive flows, her classes explore the fluidity of movement, while her music seeks to empower and uplift students physically and emotionally. Joyce completed her 200-Hour Teacher Training with One Point One Yoga in 2017, and has received further trainings in trauma sensitivity, accessibility, and
restorative practices.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: An opportunity to move around your mat in unexpected and playful ways. You’ll be encouraged to try new things, but also be supported to confidently choose options that are best for you. Laughter and smiles are always welcome.

Kalie Williams, ERYT-200

Kalie started an on again off again relationship with yoga in college as a way to get more active  and reduce stress, but it wasn’t until after graduation when she moved away from Pittsburgh  where she found that wherever she was on her mat, she was home. She went on to complete  her 200-hour training with One Point One Yoga in the Spring of 2019 and in her classes aims to  offer a sense of community and ease, offering the mind a time away from a world that can so  often be demanding and ever-changing. While not on her mat, you can catch Kalie traveling (for  work and play), watering her flowers outside of her row-home in the South Side or trying new  local foods with her partner, Ben, and greyhound, Lenny. 

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Storytelling, thoughtful asana and breath work to prepare our bodies and  minds for relaxation. Perfect for those looking to move a little before settling down and taking a  well-deserved rest. All levels are welcome and encouraged.  

Laurnie Wilson, ERYT-200

Laurnie first tiptoed onto a mat in 7th grade, not by choice, but as a requirement during a well-meaning, mandatory relaxation session. As someone with a work first, play later upbringing, she hated every minute of “relaxing” when she could have been productive. Years later, in college, this approach to life bit her in the bum. She was burnt out, stressed out and seeking a deeper understanding of self care. As a result, she found her way back to yoga. Although it was the physical practice that drew her in, the other limbs of yoga were what supported her in refocusing and ultimately redirecting the course of her life. She loved practicing in a studio, and yet, she realized that many wellness spaces lacked the diversity she craved. So, she made the choice to become a yoga teacher herself. Laurnie completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training with One Point One Yoga in 2017 and could not be more grateful for the opportunity to share this practice with others. Since then, she has also become an Ayurvedic coach, weaving ancient wisdom into her understanding of mind, body and spirit. Laurnie is passionate about offering classes that are accessible for all bodies and inclusive for all backgrounds, in a space that is safe for all identities. Ultimately, she enjoys having fun with her practice, leaning into the unknown--on and off of her mat--with curiosity, trust, and a willingness to laugh. 

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: Breathwork, an exploration of functional mobility, and vinyasa without music. We’ll approach movement from many angles, bringing compassionate inquiry to the ways we journey on our mats and in our lives. All are welcome. 

Lauren Zito, ERYT-200

I “taught” my first yoga class in high school gym after doing some online videos, not quite knowing where chaturanga dandasana ended and urdhva mukha svanasana began. My practice has grown significantly since then. What was first a way to get physically fit, became a mechanism for deep reflection, allowing me time and space to rebuild. It is a place to find grounding and let go. I take my inspiration from trees, building roots to develop strength, finding my own way to expand. Each time you return to the mat is an opportunity to discover something new about yourself, to develop a new connection or a deeper awareness of who and how you are. My hope is that all students, regardless of experience, feel welcome in class and find their own flow.

IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: A balanced flow, starting slow, as we take time to ground down and ease into movement. I ask students to find moments of subtle strength as we move together, to build their roots first before growing, exploring their mat and always finding time to smile. Suitable for all levels and great for beginners.