1.1 and 1.2


our original space

Located at 4929 Penn Avenue and our original home, One Point One is the home of our group classes. Designed to be a community space to gather, play, learn and practice, 1.1 is our larger studio (accommodating up to 45 students) and where you will most often find us.



Just down the block from our first home and located at 5019 Penn Ave,

One Point Two is a place where we get to expand our offerings and spread out a little. With space for massage and body work, as well as a smaller, more intimate studio accommodating up to 10 students for privates, you can meet us at 1.2 for our Teacher Trainings, body work, and private sessions

1.1 at 4929 penn ave, pittsburgh
1.2 at 5019 penn ave, pittsburgh