class desCRiptions

So many classes, so little time!

All classes held at 1.1 Yoga (4929 Penn Ave) unless noted to be

at One.Two (5019 Penn Ave).

All classes that are labeled as "CASH DONATION" on our schedule are open to all students on a "pay what you can" basis, though we do suggest $5-$10. Regular students of ours can use their unlimited contract or class pass for these classes without the need to donate.


(Mondays, 7:45-8:45pm)

Rest and restore. A sixty minute Restorative Yoga practice, comprised of supported, long holds to promote release and surrender. You won't be sweating in this one, but you will be ready for bed...a mini-vacation, One Point One style.


(Mondays, 12-1pm)


 This class is designed to promote stability, through a range of progressive loading techniques, targeted to a particular area of the body. We will practice movements that invite playfulness and curiosity onto our mats and into our bodies. Experience the use of props such as resistant bands, myofascial balls, as well as blocks, sandbags, and blankets in a new and inventive way! 



(Mon/Fri 9-10:30am, Sat 10-11:30am)


Our 1st 20 minutes will be comprised of a seated meditation; the next 70 minutes, strong vinyasa flow.

Please enter silently and seat yourself in the studio in meditation; there will be plenty of time after class to mingle.
Students who wish only to meditate may do so AT NO CHARGE, but must still check in, and leave quietly once asana begins. Those who wish to participate in physical practice as well can check the bio of the teacher leading class to know what to expect from class.


(Fridays 12-1pm)

Class begins with a body scan meditation, followed by a slower paced vinyasa style practice with emphasis on the mindfulness of each movement of your body. Though the movements will be similar to our other vinyasa classes, the focus will be on the way your body feels when creating the shapes. All levels welcome!


(Sundays, 3-4pm)

Everyone starts someone; in Roots, we start at the beginning. Moving at a slower pace, we'll have the opportunity to break down poses and transitions, and learn how to build a practice from the ground up. Created for beginners but a great class for seasoned practitioners to revisit the foundation of their yoga as well.


(Saturdays 2:30-4:30pm)

Two full hours to cover all the things in every class: meditation, pranayama, singing, and asana. Don't be scared by the time, just sign up and jump in. All levels are welcome to join and deepen their practice, but be aware that we will address all parts of practice, from beginning to advanced, so be willing to take it at your own pace and learn little by little...that's why it's a practice!


(Wednesdays, 7:45-8:45pm)

Not all vinyasa is fast! Start off with slow flow and active stretch to get you moving with ease, and finish class with some sweet restorative to get you ready for bed. We'll give you the slow'll love it. 


(Mon/Weds/Fri 6:30-7:30am; Tues/Thurs 7:45-8:45pm;

Tues-Thurs 12-1pm;

Mon-Fri 4:30-5:30pm, Sat 7-8am & 8:30-9:30am, Sun 8:30-9:30am)

A sixty minute class to get you moving, breathing, and back to your day a little lighter. All levels welcome, but classes vary with instructor; check out the bio of your teacher if you want to know more about what to expect.


(Tues/Thurs 7:15-8:30am, Tues 6:45-8pm at 1.2, Fri 6-7:15pm)

A seventy-five minute practice giving us more time to work, explore and understand. All levels welcome, but classes vary with instructor; check out the bio of your teacher if you want to know more about what to expect.


(Tues/Weds/Thurs 9-10:30am; Mon/Tues/Weds 6-7:30pm;

Sun 10-11:30am and 5-6:30pm)

One Point One's signature class, a ninety minute practice for all the yoga stuff. All levels welcome, but classes vary with instructor; check out the bio of your teacher if you want to know more about what to expect.


(Thusdays 6-7:30pm)

Release the beasts inside! 60 minutes of strong, active vinyasa, followed by 30 minutes of led self-myofascial massage and restorative to work out all the kinks. All levels welcome.


(Thursdays 6:45-8pm at 1.2, Sundays 6:45-8pm at 1.1)

We'll begin with a Yin yoga practice, warming fascia, connective tissue and joints in several quiet but often challenging holds, and then slip into a fully Restorative practice of supporting the body fully, soothing the spirit, and sometimes even dropping into a Yoga Nidra meditation. Wonderful for beginners, athletes, and any student looking to slow down and open the body and breath.

1.1 at 4929 penn ave, pittsburgh
1.2 at 5019 penn ave, pittsburgh