new POLICIES for 

the pandemic

New Studio Rules:


All students must pre-register and pre-pay for all classes; no payments will be accepted in studio.


The studio will be open 15 minutes before class begins.

Many classes will be live-streamed so others can join us even if they aren't comfortable in studio yet; if you would like to practice for our livestream, just let the teacher know when you come in; if not, you will not be filmed.


Mat placement is taped in the studio to keep 6 feet between students. We also ask that you keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from all other persons in the studio at all times, with a maximum of 15 students.


All students and teachers must wear masks at all times in the studio, including during practice, and no, it's not horrible.

If you need to take a drink or break in the lobby, you can. We ask you to please be safe and respect to your fellow students and our community


If you have any signs or symptoms of sickness at all, do not come to the studio. We will have a touchless forehead thermometer mounted inside the front door; all students must take their temperature upon entry and if they have a fever, they will not be allowed admittance.


Please bring as little into our space as possible, and make sure to wash your hands before and after practice.


If you have stored your mat at the studio, please pick it up and bring it with you to each class.


If you are enrolled in an in-person class and cannot make it, you must cancel within 4 hours of the class time. Any cancelations after that point or no-shows will be charged the full price of class, or charged a $10 fee if you are on a contract. We have not enforced this rule in the past, but will do so moving forward to ensure that as many students are offered space in person as possible.


New Studio Procedures for Safety:


The studio floor is steamed with disinfectant between classes, and all frequently used surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant as well.


We will only be offering the use of hard props (ie blocks and balls). Students must thoroughly clean any prop they use; you are welcome to bring your own as well!


Windows will be opened whenever possible, and our fan or air conditioning systems will be on at all times. In our studio, air is pulled from the outside to circulate into the studio rather than recirculating the inside air for maximum safety of our environment. We have fans and air purifiers going at all times to keep the air moving.

4929 penn ave. pittsburgh pa. 15224