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One of the most important yogic texts on record, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, details step by step the process and benefits of yoga. Each sutra is a thread that links to the next, and the next, forming the tapestry of one's personal practice. We believe that yoga is a study that should meet every student at their beginning, whatever that may be, and that there is always a place to learn and grow when you begin at the roots of your practice. It is from this belief that our name sprung, after Sutra 1.1:


"Now, the study and practice of yoga begins."





Yoga is collaboration, not competition; a space of constant learning from others, be it teachers, students, friends or family. One of yoga's best qualities is that one can never know everything; true teachers are always students first, and at 1.1 we are proud of our commitments to always be learning, growing, and ready to accept something new. You do not need to be strong, flexible or graceful to practice yoga; you will, however, be expected to support your fellow students, work with awareness of others, and allow yourself to be open to new ideas and elements of practice.





If we had to boil it all down, it would come to this:


1. To inspire students to begin at their own personal starting point and grow into a yoga practice that enriches their lives.

2. To support a community in which students take care of one another, and recommit every day to making this space a safe harbor for everyone.

3. To honor the roots of Raja yoga and bring all eight limbs of yoga to students in little ways every day...the physical practice of yoga is just the beginning.




Located at 4929 Penn Avenue, our main studio can house up to 45 yogis in our non-heated space. We welcome all students and are grateful for the beautiful community of souls that has made this house a home for so many.



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