pricing & POLICIES

How Outdoor Classes Work:

Sign up on MindBody and the day of class, we'll send you an email with directions and instructions for finding us.

If inclement weather forces us to cancel, we'll email all enrolled students, and credit their accounts with the class to use at a later date.

Social distancing will be enforced, but you're welcome to practice without your mask once you're on your mat.

Feel free to bring your own props, and we will have a few sanitized blocks on hand should you need one.

Restrooms will not be available at any of our private sites, so please plan accordingly.


How Live Stream Classes Work:

Sign up on MindBody and the day of class, we'll send you an email with a link to join us, any instructions for props, and a playlist to move along with us for vinyasa classes, if you'd like.


How Our Platform of Pre-Recorded Classes Works:

Head to our online platform and you can practice with us anywhere and anytime; we've got over 100 classes to choose from and add new ones daily, so there's plenty of options.

You can take any class for $5/pop, or subscribe for $20 with unlimited access.

We also put some livestreams up for our subscribers to access after they're been recorded, as well as workshops for all to purchase as they'd like.


Contracts, Class Passes and Pricing:



* All students with unlimited packages will keep their current pricing, HOWEVER, you will be limited to 8 in person classes a month for the time being. You may enroll in unlimited live stream classes by signing up on MBO, just as you do for in person classes.

 * If you reach your 8 class limit and wish to add more classes in a month, you may purchase them at $8/class.

Please email us at to indicate whether you would like to:

            a) Unsuspend your contract with these new stipulations

            b) Keep your contract suspended until further notice (you may purchase class passes while suspended)

            c) Cancel your contract completely; partial refunds will be available for time paid upon request



You may apply your remaining classes to all outdoor and live stream classes.



We will have limited purchase options moving forward for simplicity:


            a) Monthly autorenew contract at $100/month – limit of 8 outdoor classes/month, and any additional classes thereafter may be purchased for $8. You may enroll in unlimited live stream classes by signing up online as well.


            b) Single Class Drop In at $20

            c) 5 Class Pack at $80


* We understand that in the current climate, paying full price may be difficult. We will reserve a limited number of donation based spots in each class; if our pricing is prohibitive, please email us at to request a donation based spot*


Thank you for your support, your understanding, and your patience through this time of so much change. We will continue you update you as the schedule shifts and we constantly adapt to what the pandemic gives us to work with. 


We cannot wait to see you…until we can hug again.

Much love,

Your Teachers

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