"Practice that is done for a long time, without break and with sincere devotion becomes a firmly rooted, stable, and solid foundation" - sutra 1.14

The new year often feels like a time to commit to something that creates growth and change in our lives. Every January, however, it becomes quickly apparent how easily New Years resolutions fade, working too hard for a fast goal that is unsustainable. So for 2020, we challenge you, not to a resolution, but to your practice.

Sign up for Resolve by January 1, and commit to show up to your mat at the studio 2 times/week (104 practices in 2020). In return, you will receive:

- $10 off every month of your monthly contract for the entire next calendar year or $120 credit on your account for class passes in 2021

- 50% off our "Begin Again" workshop series to kick you off in January and

- a tee to commemorate your abhyasa (steady practice) at the end of the year

Signing up will cost you $40, but the commitment to your mat will hopefully endure far longer, and in much more meaningful ways. Make your resolution for 2020 stick by committing to yourself.



Join us for an opportunity to unwind, release and reconnect in this two hour Yin Yoga workshop, led by Rebecca Robertson, with hands-on myofascial release offered by Megan Flinn. 


We'll move slowly through an practice full of Yin shapes, getting us deeper and deeper into relaxation; during our practice, each student will get several minutes of individual myofascial release work to help them soften even more.


You'll leave refreshed and ready for the spring!




Interested in learning how to incorporate a chair into your studio classes or privates?  Want more options when designing classes for a specific population? Curious on what chair yoga can be? During this 90 minute workshop we will move through a flow in, around and always in contact with a yoga chair.  Workshop is designed for both teacher and student. Limited space, chairs provided.

*This workshop count towards 1.5hrs of Continued Education Units One Point One Yoga’s 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training. 



The shoulders carry the weight of the world. From the physical toll of slouching over technology to the energetic toll of navigating life, this part of the body often winds up feeling tight and immobile. In this workshop, join Mary and Laurnie for a three-fold approach to opening, strengthening and softening around these crucial joints. Through yin, slow flow, and restorative shapes, we’ll create new space, explore our mobility and cultivate ease—in the shoulders and in the mind. 





Join Sadie Grossman and Coy for a deeper dive into the mind in this 90 min restorative, reiki, and yoga nidra workshop. Class will begin with grounding 60 min restorative class led by Sadie, while Kristin simultaneously provides Reiki energy-work to each participant. Class will end with a supported savasana and yoga nidra meditation.

After class there will be tea and conversation in the lounge. No prior yoga experience is required. Please bring any personal crystals or stones you would like to have with you for this energy clearing workshop.




A Month-Long Journey of Discovery

Whether we’ve practiced on our mat only once or a million times, there is always something to learn, something to discover, and something to take away from it. No matter where you are in your yoga journey, whether you’ve lost touch with your practice, you’d like to learn more, or you are just starting out, you can always BEGIN, AGAIN. This month-long workshop will kickstart your year with not just resolutions, but a deeper understanding of your habits and goals, both on and off your mat.

We all know it takes lots of work and sometimes our relationship with ourselves and our practice may ebb and flow, but this is your perfect chance to BEGIN, AGAIN. Join us!



Experience an evening of physical connection and breath through a creative flow and restorative partner yoga workshop led by Krystle Fitzpatrick and Sadie Grossman.

Bring a partner or bring a friend! Together you’ll move deeply through specific poses while feeling the power of support and assist.


Practice will be followed by hot tea and light bites if you wish to stay and relax for a bit after class.

Pricing listed below is per person.





This two-hour workshop is focused on balancing oneself from an Ayurvedic perspective. As the seasons circle around, we will tailor each Ayurvedic workshop to match the dosha of the season - Vatta for Fall/Winter, Pitta for Summer, and Kapha for Spring. The workshop will begin with a short lecture then move into series of dosha-balancing asana and pranayama. We will further discussion on how to stay balanced for the season from an ayurvedic perspective. Each workshop will have a different ayurvedic gift for you to practice staying balanced at home.


yoga for spring sports

Get ready for the spring and all the fun outdoor sports that comes with it. This two hour workshop will be a tune up for the players of Tennis, Golf and Softball/Baseball, finding ways to generate more power and balance in your swings. The practice yoga, and what it cultivates, will benefit you and your performance in these sports. Swing power is generated from the lower body, especially the hips, and we will work to create a strong base and foundation and strengthen our low back and core,  working through poses that generate more power, speed and torque for your game. We will touch on everything to help with flexibility, balance, breath and focus…just what you need when set up over a ball, ready to drive it a long way.

So join us for an afternoon to see how your yoga mat can make a difference in your game!




nikki vilella

Every year, we bring a Master Teacher to the studio to teach our teachers for a weekend of growth, connection and learning. We can’t wait to host Nikki Vilella this May, and are excited to bring her unbelievable teachings to our students before we get to dive in deep with her. Join us on Friday evening, May 15, for a Master Class with one of the most intelligent yoga teachers and sequencers in the world.

Nikki Vilella is codirector of Kula Yoga in New York City and co-owner of Kula Williamsburg and Kula Soho. She is at the helm of Kula’s 200-hour teacher training program, coleads Kula’s 75-hour advanced teacher training, and guest teaches at other programs throughout the country. Her teaching is marked by her passion for sequencing, rhythm, and hands-on adjustments. She strives to include the perfect alchemy of precise physical instruction, intelligence, intention, and space into her Kula Flow classes.



Join Milard Roper for a weekend of Bhakti, movement, and learning, as we meet for six workshops diving into kirtan, Forrest Yoga, the history of our practice and the joy of getting upside down. Owner of The Funky Om studios and Jiu Jitsu School on Long Island, NY, becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression for Milard. He is a licensed Acupunturist, Massage Therapist as well as a Board Certified Chinese Herbalist. Milard has also taught Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many years. His passion for these arts and his innate knowledge of the body comes through clearly when he is teaching yoga. Milard’s enthusiasm for life and the balance he has created in his professional and personal life is inspirational to his students, patients, friends and family. Milard was trained directly by Ana Forrest and Raghunath. Milard incorporates Ana’s focus on alignment and connecting to the breath as well as Raghunath’s strong physical practice and rich tradition of yogic philosophy into his classes. Owing everything to his teachers he feels blessed to have made such powerful connections both in the Forrest and Bhakti communities.


Our weekend consists of SIX two hour workshops:

  • Friday, January 17, 6-8pm: Forrest Yoga Class

  • Saturday, January 18, 12-2pm: Forrest Yoga for Teachers

  • Saturday, January 18, 2:30-4:30pm: Kirtan 101

  • Saturday, January 18, 5-7pm: The Lost Tradition of Yoga

  • Sunday, January 19, 12-2pm: Getting off the Wall

  • Sunday, January 19, 2:30-4:30pm: Kirtan 102


Each individual workshop is priced at $45 Choose

3 workshops for $120

All 6 for $225






In this two hour workshop, we will discuss the journey of finding comfort as a man on your mat in the studio. We will open a conversation to discuss etiquette and navigation in any studio, and work through a practice that incorporates poses that address issues specifically for the male body. We will also address common flexibility and mobility limitations and learn how to combine breath and movement to persevere through any situation.  We will be combining strength with increased flexibility, with the benefit of decreasing the risk of injury in other activities and sports.  Finally, we will quiet our thoughts and reflect on how the practice of yoga improves the overall masculine wellness of body, mind and soul. 



It is well-understood that play is crucial for the development of our brains and bodies as we grow. The benefits of play, however, continue long after we transition into adulthood. That said, creating opportunities for play beyond our youth can become a bit more challenging. Our time on the mat is an arena for powerful insight into our personhood, but the intensity of this journey certainly welcomes (and perhaps even requires) space for levity and laughter. 

If you're looking to get serious about playfulness, frolic over to 1.1 this spring and join Maryellen and Stefanie for a creative, playful and FUN practice! Come ready to rediscover familiar asana shapes through an inventive approach that will challenge your mind, strengthen your practice, focus your attention, and inspire joy! 


from stress to rest: neuroscience of yoga

We all experience stress on a variety of emotional and physical levels. In this workshop, learn about the neuroscience behind the impact of stress on physiology and its long-term consequences. Understand why yoga and meditation are effective at targeting specific components of the stress response. Prepare to take notes, ask questions, and explore movements that anyone can perform regardless of age or mobility.


1.1 at 4929 penn ave, pittsburgh
1.2 at 5019 penn ave, pittsburgh