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Offering myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and deep tissue massage, or any combination thereof (depending on your needs and goals)

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with Megan Flinn

Inspired by a love of movement and anatomy, Megan enjoys addressing specific issues in individual bodies in order to help them move better. In massage, she employs a gentle mix of Myofascial release with long, slow holds to assist in unwinding persistent fascial tension.

Megan also offers ICAPs, or In Class Assisted Privates, in which a student practices in one of our regular group classes while being assisted for the entire class. Afterwards, we'll discuss the experience and collaborate on a plan forward to optimize your movement and breath.


with Joe DePhillips

I discovered the power of bodywork while at the Esalen Institute, in California, back in 2016. A year later I decided to enroll at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. Over that time several things have become clear to me: the importance of compassionate touch, my interest in anatomy and physiology, and a deep appreciation for the amazing complexity of the human body. 


I take an evidence-based approach to my work and I believe that presence, collaboration and communication are vital to a positive therapeutic relationship. The modalities I specialize in include Swedish, deep tissue, Myofascial Release, and Nueromuscular Therapy. My style can accommodate a wide range of needs and I enjoy the process of listening to my clients to determine what those are at that particular time, thus making each session unique.



60 minute session: $75

90 minute session: $100

pack of five 60 minute sessions: $325

pack of five 90 minute sessions: $425


60 minute session: $75

90 minute session: $90

We schedule on an individual basis, so please contact us at info@onepointoneyoga.com to request an appointment.