Offering myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and deep tissue massage, or any combination thereof (depending on your needs and goals)

with Megan Flinn

Inspired by a love of movement and anatomy, Megan focuses on specific, pointed work to address specific issues in individual bodies, on order to help them move better. She employs a mix of neuromuscular therapy with deep trigger point work, myofascial and deep tissue massage.

with Bre LaGuerre

I combine a variety of traditional healing methods that focus on improving the overall health of the mind, body and spirit.

My practice is built on the principles of touch therapy, human movement, energetic healing and pain management. Trigger point therapy is my specialty. 

with Joe DePhillips

I discovered the power of bodywork while at the Esalen Institute, in California, back in 2016. A year later I decided to enroll at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. Over that time several things have become clear to me: the importance of compassionate touch, my interest in anatomy and physiology, and a deep appreciation for the amazing complexity of the human body. 


I take an evidence-based approach to my work and I believe that presence, collaboration and communication are vital to a positive therapeutic relationship. The modalities I specialize in include Swedish, deep tissue, Myofascial Release, and Nueromuscular Therapy. My style can accommodate a wide range of needs and I enjoy the process of listening to my clients to determine what those are at that particular time, thus making each session unique.


60 minute session: $75

90 minute session: $100

pack of five 60 minute sessions: $325

pack of five 90 minute sessions: $425

We schedule on an individual basis, so please contact us at to request an appointment.

4929 penn ave. pittsburgh pa. 15224