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Hand Reaching Out



Offering myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, and deep tissue massage, or any combination thereof (depending on your needs and goals)

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with Megan Flinn

Inspired by a love of movement and anatomy, Megan enjoys addressing specific issues in individual bodies in order to help them move better. In massage, she employs a gentle mix of Myofascial release with long, slow holds to assist in unwinding persistent fascial tension, and often works with clients to create their own in own routines to tackle imbalances from both manual and movement perspectives.

Megan also offers ICAPs, or In Class Assisted Privates, in which a student practices in one of our regular group classes while being assisted for the entire class. Afterwards, we'll discuss the experience and collaborate on a plan forward to optimize your movement and breath.

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with Joe DePhillips

Joe was first exposed to the practice of massage therapy and bodywork while on a personal journey of healing in 2016 at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. He has been a full-time massage therapist since 2018 who absolutely loves what he does and believes that the passion for his work is one of its most important and notable qualities. His style is heavily influenced by Esalen™ massage which emphasizes a caring and attentive presence and intention; long, slow strokes; joint mobilizations; stretching and whole-body integration.

His work is often deep but, due to a focus on pace, quality of touch and attentiveness, it is also gentle, nurturing, and relaxing. A recent client gave the following feedback: "That was the softest, deepest massage I've ever received." 

Joe enjoys working and collaborating with yogis or anyone who is passionate about the maintenance and well-being of both their mind and body. Each session is fully customizable based on your needs but the goal is always to help raise the client's bodily awareness and activate the parasympathetic nervous system where true healing and relaxation can occur. 



60 minute session: $85

90 minute session: $115

pack of five 60 minute sessions: $375

pack of five 90 minute sessions: $475


60 minute session: $85

90 minute session: $100

We schedule on an individual basis, so please contact us at to request an appointment.

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