We ask that students sign up for classes beforehand using our software, Mind Body Online, in order to ensure themselves a spot.

Please note our 12-hour cancellation policy: 

Sign up for classes that you want to attend.  How? 2 options: (1)via Mind Body Online (by clicking the button below), or (2) via the Mind Body App, which can be downloaded on any Android or iOS smartphone.  

You must cancel your class reservation at least 12 hours prior to the class start time if you cannot attend  

If you do not cancel within that 12 hour window, you may be charged for the class

Students on an unlimited contract may be charged a $10 fee

Arrive on time for class - unfortunately if you don't, we will forfeit your spot to any student waiting to attend


What do you do if you would like to get into a class that is fully booked? Put yourself on the waitlist, and feel free to come to the studio and wait in our lobby in case there is a spot that opens up for you. This will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. 

These policies are not meant to be punitive, but rather, are an effort to allow as many students who desire to attend class the ability to do so, and we hope that you understand. Please take less than one minute to sign up for class to guarantee your spot, and let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

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