Brewing Tea

foundations of 


(up to 9 hours CEUs / towards 300 hour module)

with Emily Glaser, RN, BSN

Three Saturdays, live-streamed, 12-3pm

October 9, 16 & 23, 2021

This course will provide an introduction to Ayurvedic Medicine so that you can understand the concept behind doshic theory (vata-pitta-kapha). We will look at the patterns of disease according to Ayurveda and how we can find healing through practices of diet & lifestyle routines.

The promise of Ayurveda, India’s five-thousand-year-old system of health and healing, is to awaken our own inspiration to higher living and alignment with Nature’s intelligence. Health is a reality, an underlying natural state of being. Together we will develop a vocabulary that will allow you to relate with a different consciousness to the 5 elements and the qualities of the world in which we live.

Our study will teach you to how to better understand your unique Ayurvedic blueprint and from that foundation build a healthy, creative, and conscious way of living, from right diet and exercise to right thinking and meditation.

Ayurveda can inspire us to masterful living, encompassing the freedom that comes from embracing health consciousness, self-determination, and Nature’s blessings to proactively influence the course of our health and well-being.

Ayurveda takes the wisdom of yoga and its philosophy of the unity of existence and unfolds it relative to both physical and psychological health and disease. It is the medical side of yogic thought and healing that many are seeking today. As such, it naturally leads us to the practice of yoga and meditation. Welcome to a great adventure in consciousness, welcome to the study of Ayurveda. 


Class 1, October 9, 12-3pm 

  • Introduction to Ayurveda, The Science of Life, 

  • Dinacharya - Daily Ritual, 

  • The Building Blocks of Ayurveda - 5 elements and 10 pairs of qualities


Class 2 , October 16, 12-3pm

  • Vata, The Principle of Movement 

  • Pitta, The Principle of Transformation

  • Kapha, The Principle of Stability & Structure


Class 3, October 23, 12-3pm

  • Prakrti & Vikrti, What’s My Dosha?

  • The Role of Our Digestive Fire & The Elimination of Toxins - Agni & Ama 

Entire course will be offered via livestream, or for those unable to attend live, links will be sent to view at your leisure after we convene. All students are welcome, and tyoga teachers may also receive YA Continuing Ed credits and/or hours towards their 300 TT with 1.1.


Emily Glaser RN, BSN  is a clinical practitioner of Ayurveda specializing in Panchakarma cleansing, and a wisdom keeper of Vedic Astrology. She has been trained by mystical doctors and healing masters who guided her to fine-tune my capacity to perceive the many levels of reality that make up our human experience. With a background in clinical nursing, Emily is continually engaged in the process of learning and personal development. Her whole-being enrichment approach to healing bridges the East-West paradigm. Emily teaches and lectures internationally and currently reside part of the year in Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village, Coimbatore, India.


$50 single class

$125 entire series



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