300 hour TT:




(20 hours CEUs / towards 300 hour module)

with Alexandra and Megan

October 16 - 18, 2020 

Friday 6-9pm | Sat 10am-8pm and Sun 10am-3pm

This weekend is for certified yoga teachers with a prerequisite of a 200hr certification.  Over the course of the weekend you will receive 20 hours of education focused on multiple facets of advanced sequencing.  As teachers, we have a handful of challenges in preparing a class. We have to have a structurally sound sequence that will accommodate all levels of practitioners in our class.  We have to create a unique offering that inspires our students while staying balanced in the roots and fundamentals of asana. We have to grow and evolve as we gain knowledge and take students on a journey with us over years and years of practice.  Most importantly, we have a responsibility to our student’s bodies to provide a safe and productive environment where the class that we deliver is anatomically balanced.  The focus of our teaching should not be on making our students sweat, but rather to make our students feel alive, strong, flexible, energized.

This weekend will incorporate practice, practicum and education.  You will walk away with knowledge of and experience creating: 

  • Namaskar and Vinyasa variations

  • Ladder sequencing

  • Krama sequencing

  • Mandala sequencing

  • Asana families and building to a peak 

  • How to apply these methods to all levels of practitioner, including mixed classes

  • How to incorporate these sequencing methods into 60, 75 and 90 minute classes


This workshop can be used as part of One Point One’s 300 Hour Training module (20hrs), continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance, or simply deepening your understanding and offerings to students.





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