300 hour TT:




(20 hours CEUs / towards 300 hour module)

with Megan and Dr. Lisa Papenbrock

September 22: Anatomy of Forward Folding

September 29: Anatomy of Backbending

October 6: Anatomy of Core Engagement

October 13: Anatomy of Twisting

October 20: Anatomy of Shoulder Mobility and Stability

October 27: Anatomy of Hip Mobility and Stability

November 3: Anatomy of the Wrists, Ankles, Feet and Hands

November 10: Anatomy of Vinyasa Transitions

We often talk about yoga in terms of static shapes, but it’s the transitions that carry us through our daily practice. In this series of learning, we’ll look at our practice through the lens of movement: how our joints, muscles, fascia and connective tissue work in symphony to create the movements of our practice, and our lives. We will consider traditional and creative transitions, how they affect the body, and how we can create more effective, stabilizing movement to keep our student’s bodies safe and practicing for many years to come.

Classes will be 2 hours long from 6-8pm, live streamed on Tuesday evenings; if you are unable to attend at the time of our training, you may access the replay for 48 hours. First, we'll break down the anatomy of our specific movements and how they effect the body, followed by a 30 minute practice to integrate our learning into the body.

This workshop is offered to all students of movement, and also can be added as hours toward our 300 Hour Advanced YA Teacher Training (20 in total)


$40/workshop or $225 for series



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